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In my first job I am loading data in teradata table via tTeradataoutput component which gets loaded correctly. After that I have 10-15 jobs which are connected via link component ok or main which are working correctly.
Now I have added one job in last which has to update teradata table which has loaded via tTeradataoutput.
But I am not able to update that table. When pointer comes to last job it's got hanged and seems like teradata table is locked and I am not able to fire select statement on table. As I kill running job select statement executed but table is not updated.
If I use updation job exactly after table loading job then I am able to update it But I have many jobs in between and want to execute update job at last point.
-In updation job I am using tJDBCConnection----->tJDBCRow(contains update query)--------->tJDBCCommit
-In tTeradataoutput, I am usnig Commit every (1) and Batch Size(1)
-My teradata table contains only 100 records.
Please let me know solution for that.
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Re: tTeradataoutput

It's resolved now. Actually I was having select statment on table in middle that is why it was not allowing me to update it at last. I have clicked auto commit box in tJDBCConnection component where I had select statement.