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Attempting to connect to MS SQL SVR 2012.  I can connect fine in SSMS.  SSQL SVR is on remote machine.  Using Database connection parameters as per attachment.  Get warning dialog that mssql-jdbc.jar module is missing.  I've copied it to my c drive and set the class path.  What is wrong?Missing_MSSQL-JDBC-JAR.txt.txt

Re: missing MSSQL-JDBC.JAR

Talend Studio requires specific third-party Java libraries or database drivers (.jar files) to be installed to connect to sources and targets. Those libraries or drivers, known as external modules, can be required by some connection wizards. Due to license restrictions, Talend may not be able to ship certain external modules within Talend Studio.
Please take a look at documents about:TalendHelpCenter:Identify required external modules and TalendHelpCenter:Install external modules.
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