how to export records of each day from Oracle table to csv

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how to export records of each day from Oracle table to csv

Hi every one,


i have a Oracle table which has now 100.000 records. every day it has more than 1000 new records.

i want to create a Talend Job which can export records on each day to csv.

The records have the same Date will be exported to a csv.


For example:

Name          Date         Sale

A              01.01.2018    500

B              01.01.2018    600

C             02.01.2018     699


in this example, there are 2 different Date: 01.01.2018 and 02.01.2018, therefore the Table will be exported into 2 csv Data


Can you please help me with this?






Re: how to export records of each day from Oracle table to csv



    Please pass the date as parameter value to tOracleinput and extract the data. The same value can be appended to the file name of csv file. In this way, you can fetch data for each date and pass them as separate files.


   Please note that you will have to loop each date value as a parameter to tOracleinput if you are having multiple dates. In this case, please add an additional tflowtoIterate component.


Warm Regards,


Nikhil Thampi


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