automaticaly read a google sheet everyday

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automaticaly read a google sheet everyday

Hi, in the first place I would like to apologize if I don't post this topic at the right place.


I would like to read a google sheet everyday from my place "shared with me" (from my google account),

So my question is : how can I do that ?


I'm trying to use google API OAuth 2.0 Playground and the tGoogleSheet component but I've got the following failure : Error: redirect_uri_mismatch : The redirect URI in the request, http://localhost:63234/Callback, does not match the ones authorized for the OAuth client


and I don't know what i have to do..


I also have to use a previous Talend  version (6.3),  and I'm not sure that's the best way.


Do you have any idea ?





Re: automaticaly read a google sheet everyday


Could you please post your current job setting screenshots on forum which will be helpful for us to address your issue.

For your job requirement,  you can use a scheduler to read your google sheet everyday.

Best regards


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Re: automaticaly read a google sheet everyday




To read the content of the google sheet, I'm using this job.


And i'm trying to automatically  get the refresh token with the solution of this website :

Auto-refresh Token.PNG


But I have the error message "The connected components in a Job must not form a closed loop. Please check" and I don't know what i did different than his Job.

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