Where is my data physically? Is it local or on a Talend server?

We get this question a lot: when I add a dataset in Data Preparation, what happens with the data. Is it copied somewhere (on the desktop, on a server, or on the cloud)? Is it stored in a readable format or encrypted?
Talend Data Prep Free Desktop is meant to work 100% locally on your computer, your data does not go anywhere. In fact you usually don’t even need to be connected to the network to run the software.
When you add a new dataset from a local CSV or Excel file, the data is copied in a specific, unreadable format, in one of the following folders:

Windows: C:\Users\\AppData\Roaming\Talend\dataprep\store
OS X: /Users//Library/Application Support/Talend/dataprep/store

When you add a new dataset from a remote location (typically HTTP) however, the data remains where it is and Data Prep must be connected to read the data.
In the upcoming commercial add-on, imported CSV and XLS files will be stored on an on-premise server, and may be encrypted.
In the future, we will also offer cloud delivery models, but this will be an option, and by no mean a mandatory architecture.