Talend Update to Salesforce: Deletes Data

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Talend Update to Salesforce: Deletes Data

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I'm new to Talend and I try to use it in order to update data in my Salesforce org. In my Salesforce org I have a custom date field on each record that is connected to a custom ID. I need to update only a few of these records everyday and adjust only the custom date. Basically I pull all data out of Salesforce (who have the custom ID) and use tmap to match the new dates that I get in a xlsx to the affected records and I only want to update those.


However when I run my job, Talend updates all exported records and depletes the date in records that do not have a new date in the xlsx. So the records I really want to update are working fine, but I don't see why he depletes all dates in the other records that are not part of the update - process. I lose all my previous custome dates in the process. The job depletes all dates but the ones that are in the xlsx to update. 
What I need is that the job really only updates the date fields I get delivered in the .xlsx and that he ignores the ones that have a value in them but are not being updated on that day.







Re: Talend Update to Salesforce: Deletes Data


Do you want to just update the changed custom dates? If so, you can set the "Catch lookup inner join reject" as true and the output should be the changed data.


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