Talend Data prepartion + Apache beam

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Talend Data prepartion + Apache beam

Talend Support for Apache Beam and Google Cloud DataFlow

By using Apache Beam with Talend and Google, your big data projects are future-proofed, eliminating the need to reconfigure your pipelines to work with new data processing engines. Talend Data Preparation is the industry’s first data application to run on Apache Beam, allowing users to prepare their data once and run them anytime, anywhere, at extreme scale. Google Cloud Dataflow also has deep integration with Google BigQuery streaming capabilities.  The combination of developer ease of use using Talend and powerful fully managed execution runtime deeply integrated into Google Cloud platform is a great accelerator for projects dealing with both traditional batch and unbounded streaming data integration needs.  Give Talend and Google Cloud Dataflow a try!


We came across the above article in talend blog and have few doubts:

  • Is There new release that support DataFlow? (reading the article it seems yes)
  • what are the capability of the Data Preparation tool? Can be used for Data integration? (we will have all data on cloud , and we have to build all the Business Logic. )
  • Can we create a sort of job that could be run multiple times (ie. Scheduled)? (reading the above sentence , it seems possible)
  • Is it possible to build ETL or ELT jobs using Data preparation, perform basic operations like joins,lookup etc?

Re: Talend Data prepartion + Apache beam


We have redirected your issue to our Data Prep manager and expert and then come back to you as soon as we can.

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