Talend Data Preparation and Apache Syncope Issue

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Talend Data Preparation and Apache Syncope Issue

Can anyone guide me how do I create a user who accesses data preparation server? Because it is quite difficult to manage the thing from apache syncope.

1> I have one server on which data preparation is installed. port 9999

2> on second server IAM is installed .port 9080


both are up and running.

When I access Http://<ipaddess>:9999 it will not open Data preparation

I have added the tdp-client.json file in clients folder of IAM tomcat server

my both machines are Centos 7 based 


when I access http://ipaddressofiam:9080/oidc/clients

no client is showing 


can anyone tell me step by step guide for this


Re: Talend Data Preparation and Apache Syncope Issue



You can find the procedure for a manual installation of Data Preparation here: https://help.talend.com/reader/lGdL5d6BacS8BER99BzxIg/IkI5Kvax34GEsLAXcwlWlQ. The installation of Talend IAM is detailed here: https://help.talend.com/reader/lGdL5d6BacS8BER99BzxIg/MfoO0jDQaXqysZ1WGSY3sw. In particular, make sure to cover the following section: https://help.talend.com/reader/lGdL5d6BacS8BER99BzxIg/fwMT1byWpLLa5UULtuAQ~A.


By the way, Data Preparation users are created in Talend Administration Center (hence TAC being listed as a prerequisite of Data Preparation). You don't have to create users in Talend IAM.