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Recursive relationship checking

I have started looking at the open profiler software, is there a way to check recursive relationships within a table, I couldn't seem to figure out how to do the following check with the column comparison feature ?
For example I have a table of employees, i.e. employee_id, emp_name, mangager_id, etc etc
A manager should exist within the employee table, therefore i want to check for any employee records where the manager_id is not valid i.e. the value of the manager_id column is not found when checking against the values of the employee_id column within the same table.
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Re: Recursive relationship checking

You can't check recursive relationships in comparison analysis ( comparison analysis require two different tables )
otherwise you can create DQ rule with the query : "not supervisor_id in (select employee_id from employee) or supervisor_id is null"
after that , create a table analysis and tick this DQ rule.
You can view invalid rows in analysis results ( right clic on corresponding percentage )