Published Artifact Tasks and Context Values

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Published Artifact Tasks and Context Values

We just got a patch for Talend that allows me to enter the Context name - i.e. PROD/QA/DEV - and when setting up an Artifact Task those values are applied and the execution of the job now holds those values and works correctly.
Question: When setting up the Artifact Task - the "Apply Context to Children' is disabled and always un-checked. Documentation states this is automatically populated. However - There's no place when Publishing a job to select the "Apply Context to Children". This only is an option on a "Normal Task". Is there a way to have this set so that it's a default "checked" value?
I pass context values from parent to child job - so my job runs fine. I do however log a message using the contextStr value and the subjob that logs the message display "QA" even though I'm running with "PROD". 
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Re: Published Artifact Tasks and Context Values

I just found TMC-9012 documenting this issue. It's listed as a "New Feature"...and has not been resolved.
The entire "Artifact Task" process has it's flaws. Example: I can't select the Context from a drop down - as I do in a "Normal Task" - I have to remember the context name from the job. I would suggest that the Publisher be changed so that you distinctly define how the artifact is published - as you would in the Job Conductor on a Normal Task - and the publisher builds in the the values and displays then in the TAC when an Artifact Task is setup.

Re: Published Artifact Tasks and Context Values

Feel free to add your comment in it and vote for this issue.
Could you please indicate what's the build version you are using? Have you already reported a ticket on talend support portal?
Best regards
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Re: Published Artifact Tasks and Context Values

Hi Sabrina - 
I did not report or open a ticket. I will however add a comment and vote for it - even though voting on it is ridiculous as this is a "bug" and should be fixed - and not a new feature or enhancement. When I create an Artifact Task and enter "PROD" as the context to be utilized; the fact you can't indicate that this context selection should be passed to child jobs - but you can do so on a Normal Task - is what I'll term "forgotten functionality" that needs to be added into the system - not a new feature. 
My work-around at this time is to store the context value of the main task and then pass that value along to the subjobs and use that value - and not use "contextSTR" as this is now a useless value - at least on Artifact Tasks.
Thanks for the reply...and I'll make sure and add this comment and vote for the "new feature".


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