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Profiling on an MS Access database or file?

I'm trying to use Open Profiler with an MS Access Database but this does not work. I got the following error when I launch an analysis:
Echec : Syntax error (missing operator) in query expression 'COUNT(DISTINCT `ID`)'
Can someone help?
By the way, is there a mean to profile directly a file (xls, csv,... ?). If so, can someone explain the steps to follow?

Re: Profiling on an MS Access database or file?

Hi Clir,
the SQL queries generated by Talend Open Profiler may not be valid for Access. If you want to profile an access database, I suggest that you choose the "Java" engine in the settings of the column analysis. Using the "Java" engine instead of the "SQL" engine means that the data will be retrieved and profiled using java code.
As concerns files, one solution is to load them in a database by using Talend Open Studio and profile the database afterwards. Another solution may be to use an ODBC connection on an Excel file (but there is no guarantee that this solution works perfectly as we did not do intensive tests on it).