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Problem comparing values in Data Preparation

Hello, I am having problems for comparing values. I have two integer columns whose values I want to compare. I go to the option COMPARE NUMBERS -> USE WITH ANOTHER COLUMN  and I select the column which I want to work with. However, it generates an empty column and it is not a boolean, but a text one.
Do you know what can I be doing wrong?
Thanks for your help

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Re: Problem comparing values in Data Preparation

Can you confirm that you are using Data Preparation 1.1?
Assuming that it doesn't contain sensitive information, could share a screenshot of the preview (i.e. just before applying the function) showing the 2 column headers and few rows? 
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Re: Problem comparing values in Data Preparation

Thanks for your answer, first of all.
Yes, I am using Data Preparation 1.1.
This is the problem. I am trying to compare numbers between two columns:

The red ones are the columns I'm trying to compare. They have no empty values and both of them are integers.

As you can see, I selected one of the columns FECHADEINICIO and I select the filter COMPARE NUMBERS, where I set the properties that you can see in the image. However, when I go to the preview, this is what happens:

It shows me and empty Boolean column. What is even worst is that when I finally submit the filter, this is what I get:

The column is empty, yes, but it's a text column!
However, I have tried comparing other columns and it works properly, so the problem is between this two. What did I do wrong? Can someone help me, please?
Thank you very much!