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Performance problem

I made talend job which calls other exported talend jobs with their sh files. For this purpose I use tSystem. So far so good. My problem is when I put Oracle connection (tOracleConnection) in the exported talend jobs the performance goes down very very badly.
In my main Talend job I calls 10 other exported talend jobs by sh files. If I don 't have tOracleConnection in the exported jobs everything is fine - I have immediately execution of all 10 jobs. If I put tOracleConnection then the processing time for every next called jobs is increased progressive - 1th job for 2 sec, 2th job for 5sec, 3th job for 50sec...10th job for 5-10 min. Of course I put tOracleClose in every jobs and I release the connection. I cannot use tRunJob because all jobs will live as standalone applications and they will be exported with sh files.
Any idea how I can sove this performance problem?
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Re: Performance problem

You may get more details here.
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