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Passing assignee value through the flow to tDataStewardshipTaskOutput



I have a requirement such that the data has to be distributed to multiple campaigns with different Assignee in each campaign. I have attributes in the data to decide the campaign and based on that attribute, i can join the assignee as well. I am trying to understand the best way to dynamically pass campaign name and assignee name to the tDataStewardshipTaskOutput component so that based on each row, it gets assigned to the respective campaign and its assignee. 



Unit Number      Assignee




The reason i would like this to be dynamic is that the assignee's can keep changing and i dont want to be editing the job or context each time. Would like to avoid using multiple tDataStewardshipTaskOutput components also as each Unit number is a campaign and there are about 60 units.


Re: Passing assignee value through the flow to tDataStewardshipTaskOutput


Do you want to set campaign name field dynamically?

Could you please take a look at this jira issue: to see if it is what you are looking for?

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