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Pass context variable values to joblet to set "dynamic setting" value

I am trying to create a joblet that will either commit or rollback transactions for multiple database connections based on whether the joblet is called via OnSubjobOK or OnSubjobError. I would like to be able to use this joblet in many jobs, so I need to dynamically specify what the names of the database connections are (e.g. tOracleConnection_1, tOracleConnection_2).
To do this, I added an entry named "Component List" to the Dynamic Settings section of each tOracleCommit and tOracleRollback component, but I cannot figure out how I can dynamically set the value of the "Component List" entry. I tried using global variables but got syntax errors when trying to retrieve them within the Dynamic Settings section, so then I switched to context variables. I have confirmed that the value of the context variable is being passed to the joblet, but it appears that this value is not being used by the tOracleCommit and tOracleRollback components.
How can I accomplish this? I attached a screenshot of the job as it stands right now below.
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Re: Pass context variable values to joblet to set "dynamic setting" value

Use the context variable in the Code column like:
"+ context.connectionName +"
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