Ordering data with by date

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Ordering data with by date

Hello everyone.


I'm using this csv file in talend and I already ordered by category (categoría in spanish) and calculate which is the result of the sellings (total = price(precio) * quantity (cantidad)) and it worked.

Now I'm making it more complex and I added a date row(fecha) because I want to order it by date, using the day and month to calculate the sellings as well.

This is the flow in the tmap:

Captura de pantalla (9).pngI hope I could explain myself.

Thank you so much Smiley Happy

Daniela Muniz
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Re: Ordering data with by date

Hi DanishKapoor,


You should use a tSortRow after your tMap, and configure it on the column "fecha".


Buenos dias Smiley Happy



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