Network settings, proxy, firewall, access denied...


Network settings, proxy, firewall, access denied...

Some users have experienced network connectivity issues such as proxy problems or access denied. This should not happen as Talend Data Prep Free Desktop makes no Internet connections and receives no connection from outside the local computer (except when sending a feedback through the feedback form). Everything runs on the local machine, which may therefore be 100% offline.
However it is a requirement that our product can connect to on port 9090 for INTERNAL communication. Data Prep is in fact an HTML 5 web UI connected to a downsized, embedded web server. 
Because the software only performs internal HTTP calls, it is very strongly recommended that it uses a local loopback instead of a real on-line network connection through the wireless or ethernet adapters — if only for obvious performance reasons.
Therefore, make sure with your local IT that your computer has
- preferably: a loopback adapter (specialized in handling TCP/IP communications on without leaving the computer)
- an exception in the proxy and/or firewall settings to allow connections on

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Re: Network settings, proxy, firewall, access denied...


I use kproxy for this .

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Re: Network settings, proxy, firewall, access denied...

Proxy server like : K-Proxy,,, etc.

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