Match and check value from 1 single cell

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Match and check value from 1 single cell

Hi Everybody,


I'm facing the need of checking the value of a column that match with a single cell from another column.


I'm working on Talend Free data preparation.




As I'm preparing a dataset containing lot of informations I need to check if the 10000 (example number) records of Location (for example , "Europe") have a match from a single value of another column's cell (like list of possible location (Europe, USA, Asia etc)).


It means that if I have a file with for expample only 1 location, and a file with list of location which has only 5 records ( like the five continents ) I need a function which will say : "Ok, the following column showing all the location has valide values because I found a corresponse inside the other column "


Is it possible? Having a match beetwin an entire column and a single cell?





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Re: Match and check value from 1 single cell


If I am understanding your scenario here the location (Africa) from File1 matches with the record from file2.

if it matches then it should be valid...




what output you exactly wants?