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MAC - exchange market it doesn´t work

Hi all, I have installed the last version of open studio for MAC, (6.0.2). I can´t be able to install any component from the exchange label. When I try to click the view/download link it doesn´t go to the clicked link.
Anybody have the same problem. ?
When I copy paste the url.

Ricardo B.
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Re: MAC - exchange market it doesn´t work

I suggest you use the "offline" way by downloading them directly on the exchange web site and install them over the local folder (point to it in the settings Talend->Components: Custom Component Path.
1. Download
2. Unpack
3. Copy to local custom component path
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Re: MAC - exchange market it doesn´t work

Thank you jlolling for your reply it was really helpful, I did it as you wrote and it worked. 
Best regards