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Linux version of the Data Preparation Tool

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Currently, at work, I'm creating standalone job scripts coupled with small manuals on preparing data in LibreOffice (for handing away to non-IT personnel)  while waiting for quite some time now for the data-preparation tool to be released for Linux, but after this long, it doesn't seem that Talend* has a plan for it.


If anyone knows anything, then I would very much appreciate an update on the below:


Is there any "experimental" (alpha, beta etc) kind of Linux version of the Data Preparation Tool that is available but not posted on the main downloads page?

If not, then, is there a plan from Talend* for releasing a Linux version in the future -or- or should I be looking for alternatives?


Thank you all in advance for your time spent in reading my post.


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Re: Linux version of the Data Preparation Tool


Here is a new feature jira issue:


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