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JDBC Driver: classpath?

I'm having a JDBC problem...
...having read numerous postings, I am getting close, but no cigar.
I'm on 64-bit windows, using the Microsoft sqljdbc4.jar, with SQL Server 2008 Express, windows authentication. I placed, sqljdbc_auth.dll in C:\windows\system32. Java 1.7.0_07.
This works every time with a small Java test program in Eclipse, but Talend 5.2 Data Quality is not happy with my config.
Symptoms, in Data Quality 5.2:
- Often, my URL works when I first make my generic JDBC connection.
- Metadata (tables, etc.) never appears; I use id_MSSQL for mapping.
- Subsequent open/check of connection gives me: "Check connection failure: Driver not found:"
Question: Could something be "funny" with my (class)path?
I do not have class path explicitly set (set at command line doesn't show one, anyway).
My sqljdbc4.jar is in an external directory, unrelated to the Java path, specified explicitly (full path) when I create the connection.
It "feels" like sqljdbc4.jar should be on my class path, based on the error message above, but I'm not so good with Java...
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Re: JDBC Driver: classpath?

FYI, I find that when I first select my .jar file (sqljdbc4.jar) in the connection, it works fine. I click on "Check" after entering the URL, and selecting Driver jar and Class name, and get "connection successful" every time.
When I click on Finish, though it is very slow, and returns me to the Connection Settings tab, where I can Edit... or Check. Check fails every time.
I tried copying sqljdbc4.jar to the Java bin directory, recreating connection for new jar location. Same problem.
I tried copying sqljdbc4.jar to a new directory, and created a CLASSPATH environment variable to point to it, recreating connection for new jar location; previously, there was no CLASSPATH shown when I typed "set" at command prompt. Same problem.
I'm getting "java.lang.ClassNotFoundException:" in the error log.
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Re: JDBC Driver: classpath?

BTW, I tried both "integrated" (Windows) and SQL Server authentication. The problem is only with "integrated" security, probably related to the DLL which supports integrated security.
I saw there was a bug-report for this, still open.
I'm fine now; SQL Server authentication is fine.