Instruct solution about the data quality requirement

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Instruct solution about the data quality requirement

Is there a practical way to tell the system what is the data about ? proposals made available by system are somehow limited.
For instance, if I know the given column is to store mobile phone numbers in Belgium, could we set data type as be_mobile when the solution does not propose it in list of options ? or could we customize the rule, like +324 followed by 8 numbers from 0 to 9, no space.


Re: Instruct solution about the data quality requirement

Hi François
Currently, this is not possible, but this is in the roadmap, under the context of the commercial version. You'll be able to add your own patterns and dictionairies. You will be able to add functions as well
Note that for the particular case of phone number, we have also planned a dedicated  function (we will reuse the tstandardizephnonenumber capability that we provide in our Data Quality component).
Last point : did you notice that today, we can already use regular expressions to check if values in a column match a pattern? Of course, you need to do it on recipe by recipe basis in that case.
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