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How to Use WHERE condition in Xpath

I want to fetch city based on the <AddressType> and <Name> based on <AddressType> and @sequence . Can any one let me know how to get it in the Xpath.
conditions are:
LegalEntity/Address/City and
LegalEntity/Address/Name AND @sequence=1
Please find the xml file details below:

<audit:Activity creation-date="2003-09-26T20:32:47.836" creation-user="global" update-date="2006-11-03T16:51:23.110" update-user="pc09123" />
<Name sequence="1">REFCO CAPITAL MARKETS, LTD</Name>
<Street sequence="1">ROSEBANK BUILDING</Street>
<ZipCode>HM 11</ZipCode>
<audit:Activity creation-date="2006-10-23T13:16:37.210" creation-user="pc09123" update-date="2006-10-23T13:16:37.210" update-user="pc09123" />
<City>NEW YORK</City>
<Name sequence="1">REFCO CAPITAL MARKETS LTD</Name>
<Street sequence="1">200 LIBERTY STREET</Street>

Re: How to Use WHERE condition in Xpath

Hi tvs,
Please refer to this page for examples of xpath expressions:
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Re: How to Use WHERE condition in Xpath

Here's an example specific to Talend. There are some more TOS xpath posts on the blog if you search for 'xpath'.