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Disk space consumption by deployed jobs

I'm trying to get some info on an issue a former co-worker posted a bug about (
We're seeing very large amounts of disk space being consumed by jobs that have been deployed to the TAC. The files are located in directories names for the jobs, in C:\Program Files\Talend\archiveJobs\jobServer_tmp\repository. These files are taking up about 20GB of space. Since these files are in the jobServer_tmp directory, I'm wondering if they can be deleted.
By the way, we're still using version 3.2.2, as we had major issues upgrading to 4.1. We hope to upgrade in the near future, but in the meantime, we'd like to get this resolved.
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Re: Disk space consumption by deployed jobs

Hi Jesseg
What's the content in this folder? log file? It consumes so mush disk! You can delete the directory and I suggest you to disable the recovery feature, to do:
1. Stop job server.
2. Delete the folder.
3. Open the job server launch script start_rs.bat and edit the following parameter:
rem set the JVM arguments here
set MY_JMV_ARGS= -Drecovery.enabled=false -Djava.library.path="%MY_ROOT_PATH\jsysmon-20061229\native\windows>"
4. Restart job server.
Let us know if it resolve the problem!
Best regards
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Re: Disk space consumption by deployed jobs

Hi Shong, thanks for your response. The repository directory is full of subdirectories for jobs. The contents of those directories are the same as you would get if you were to export a job from within Talend. For some jobs there are multiple directories which were all created at the same time. I've attached a screenshot showing those directories.
We'll try your suggestion and I'll let you know how it goes.