Defining AND clause in Business Rule

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Defining AND clause in Business Rule

Hi there,
I was wondering whether it was possible to define AND clauses when defining business rules in Data Quality. For example, I wish to know in a table how many rows are from 'UK' by the country column and of those how many have a invoice greater than £5000.
I tried defining in the business rule like Country = 'UK' and Invoice > 5000 but I don't think this works or gives me the correct answer. Also, I tried setting these two rules separately but I think it just gives me how many rows are UK then it gives me (regardless of country) how many rows have invoice greater than 5000.
How can I use the AND rule?
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Re: Defining AND clause in Business Rule

Hi All, 
Ok I think I found a solution to my problem. The answer is to use a filter in the table analysis section and then apply the business rules.
But does anyone know how to write the filter expressions? Are they the same as SQL? For example if I write in the expression in the where filter like: Country = 'UK-England' AND 'UK-Scotland' it doesn't work but if I write: Country IN ('UK-England','UK-Scotland') it works.
Is there a reference Talend on how to write the expressions?

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