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Datamining Type - What is this?

Hi all
I have set up a simple Column analysis - performing only Simple Statistics.
Once I have done this, I see a table showing me 4 columns:
Analzed Columns
Datamining Type
I cannot find any information anywhere that explains what this Datamining Type field represents, what is it there for, what do I use it for, when do I change the default value, etc.?
By the way, I think it is a serious flaw in your documentation (TalendOpenProfiler_UG_31a_EN), that this is not referenced or explained anywhere...

Re: Datamining Type - What is this?

Hi Jules,
You're right, it's missing from the User Guide documentation. You can find a few words about the datamining type in the cheat sheet that helps you to create your first analysis. See screenshot.
We'll update the documentation (thanks for your bug report 7763 ). About the "default value count", it counts the number of records which have the same value as the default value configured in the database for the given column.
In the meanwhile, for more information about the datamining type, you can have a look at
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Re: Datamining Type - What is this?

Thanks a lot!