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Data validation - Empty file Handling



I want to know how to implement some validation before processing a file.


In fact, i have a file (csv) have contain header and i want to check if the file is empty(excluding the header) then process to tmap else die.


Can you advice please?


Thank you.


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Re: Data validation - Empty file Handling


In Talend, you can use tFileProperties to get the file properties, there is a field called size that populate the file size, if it is 0, means the file is empty. According to your description, a job design for example looks like:
tFileFlist--iterate--tFileProperties--tJavaRow--runIf_1-->normal processing flow
                                                                  --runIf_2--->another processing if the file is empty
on tJavaRow, check the file if it is empty and put the result to a global variable, for example:

if(input_row.size==0){ globalMap.put("isEmpty", true); }else{ globalMap.put("isEmpty", false); }

set the condition of runIf_1 as:

set the condition of runIf_2 as:

Let us know if it is OK with you.

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Re: Data validation - Empty file Handling


Thank you for your response, in tfileproperties, it does the size calculation in bytes.
Hence, i cannot check if file = 0 ; I have tried to check the flow with an empty file and it returns 2 and now my empty contain header, i guess the value will change.

Can you advice please on how i can proceed?
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Re: Data validation - Empty file Handling

@asadasing i think you can use tFileRowCount component.