Data Stewardship task creation

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Data Stewardship task creation

Hello everyone.
Before I state my question I'll explain what the business case is:
Our customer wants to process their data through data stewardship and has appointed 3 data stewards to deal with the tasks. Each of these stewards should have his/her own login and all of them should be able to see the entire task pool, sharing the workload.
Here's my question - is there a way to do the task sharing part? As far as I know, in the settings of tStewardshipTaskOutput there is a field named "Owner" where you type in the user login of the steward for whom the current task is created. This assigns the task to that particular data steward. However, I have not found out how can you assign a task to 3 users for example, so that all 3 of them can see all tasks assigned to their group.
Is this possible?

Re: Data Stewardship task creation

We have re-directed your issue to our expert then come back to you as soon as we can.
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