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Column order changes during export

I am using Data Prep 2.0 free version and when i try to export as either a csv or xlsx the order of the columns gets changed around at random from what I can tell.  It's important that these columns go in a certain sequence.  Does anyone know of a fix or how to get around this?




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Re: Column order changes during export

Hi Mike,


This is a known bug which is fixed in Data Preparation Free Desktop 2.1, which will be released EOF July.


A quick question by the way: are you really using Data Prep Free Desktop 2.0? We never released it officially. The latest official release is 1.3.







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Re: Column order changes during export

Ok, after double checking it is definitely 1.3 I'm not sure where I saw 2.0 and thought that was the version number. Maybe in the help section where it has "2.0" a lot of places got me confused.
Thanks for the quick reply about 2.1 and the bug fix.