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Column Set Analysis - values combined

Hi. Im trying to identify duplicates across multiple columns. I have list of contacts with multiple fields for email, sample attached. The first column is the record Id. Im trying to use column set analysis however Id like to know if I can configure following:
1) The values in columns are not in same order, which means the tool would rather identify combination of values than exact sequence as they are in columns. In my sample this would mean Records 1 and 3 would be identified as duplicates. Is this possible? How?
2) Lets say two records share only one email address, Id like those two records to be identified as duplicates. In my sample this would be records 4 and 5.
Many thanks for help.

Re: Column Set Analysis - values combined

Could you please take a look at TalendHelpCenter:Table analyses which includes business rule analysis, match analysis and functional dependency analysis?
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