Change Delimiter

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Change Delimiter

Data Prep seems to assume fields are comma delimited and lines are CRLF delimited.  How do I change that to support custom delimiters?  I am trying to read EDI files which are delimited with an asterisk for fields and tilde for lines.  Thanks.

Re: Change Delimiter

Data Prep detects automatically the field separator but in case the auto-detection doesn't come up with the appropriate field separator, you can perfectly change it in the UI. Click the top-left gear icon and select "Other" as separator:

Regarding the line separator, that is not editable right now - it is expected to be a CRLF or a LF.
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Re: Change Delimiter

in reference to the delimiter, I have a dataset that is UTF-8 and I select tab as the separator.  When exporting as CSV it uses a double quote " as the separator causing my job in Talend DI to blow up.  
Please advise if this error can be resolved. 

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