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Apply 'Preparation' recipies to a new file

I am looking how to apply transformation recipes to a new file. I tried to copy the whole 'Preparation' and change its dataset but I have not found any option to do so. The other option I tried was to clone the whole dataset with all the recipes but none of them were copied to a new dataset so this option does not work either. Do you have any other suggestions?

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Re: Apply 'Preparation' recipies to a new file

Great to know another guy with the same problem Smiley Happy

Re: Apply 'Preparation' recipies to a new file

In version 1.0 you can only overwrite the content of the dataset with new data.

We will add a feature to replace the dataset of a preparation with another dataset (with the same schema, this will be enforced) with the next upgrade of Data Prep Free Desktop. At this point the clone preparation feature will be even more useful.
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Re: Apply 'Preparation' recipies to a new file

jlolling: Yes, yesterday it took me quite a lot of time but at least I have learned how to use it Smiley Happy
ctoum: Perfect, thanks. The tool seems really promising.