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MDM error : unable to connect to server please check your connection settings

we see frequent errors with mdm server on talend studio -6.3.1

while we are making connection to any of the mdm server on Talend , we are receiving timeout error

while making test connection we see unable to connect server please check your connection settings, when looking in to the log of the same server we see as below :


INFO  [SharedFileLocker] Database /var/opt/TalendMDMServer631/data/activemq-data/localhost/kahadb/lock is locked... waiting 10 seconds for the

database to be unlocked. Reason: /var/opt/TalendMDMServer631/data/activemq-data/localhost/kahadb/lock (Permission denied)


As temporary fix we are removing lock folder from var/opt/TalendMDMServer631/data/activemq-data/localhost/kahadb/and restarting the tomcat , it help us to fix the issue at that moment but we cannot find any perminant fix can any one help us on this ..


FYI - MDM server is up and running

         Https URL is working fine and able to login

         Tomact process is running - while we experienced issue


 Only we observed Http connection is getting lose.