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Issue while creating multiple projects in MDM having same database

Hello Everyone,

I am using talend enterprise version 6.2 and i have issue in MDM development. So my scenario is, 

I am having one data model and data container for a project called MDM_DEV which is using Microsoft SQL server as backend DB. SO in the same instance i am creating one more project MDM_VAL. SO if i am importing all the objects from MDM_DEV to MDM_VAL then i can not deploy those data model and container in the server as both the projects using same server and same database, so it will be a conflict. So in MDM_VAL i have to rename all the objects from MDM then deploy those to server. 

So my question is, Is there any option to change the data model and data container name dynamically or through any script.

P.S. I have everything same in both the projects its just we have same instance for DEV and VAL.


Please help me in this regard.

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