Process all rows in custom component

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Process all rows in custom component


It seems the components process one row at a time.

I have a need to micro batch it in some cases and in some cases ensure that I am looking at the whole of data set.


How do I enforce batch size and/or enforce all rows to be processed in one pass.

e.g will be I have 2 millions rows to push to a webservice, I would rather do 10-50 K rows in one call, rather than making 2 Million unique web calls

 In this case I need to be able to provide a batch size

or I need to calculate some aggregate value (for simplicity sake) In this case I need to know all rows before I can do the math


Re: Process all rows in custom component

Hi @bhupendra_patil,


This page gives some pointers about that kind of implementation.


Hi level, the studio will define "groups" of a particualr size (assumed "big" from the component developper point of view). To implement chunking/bulking you need to define in your configuration a "maxSize" option and define the following callback (method in your processor):


  1. BeforeGroup: reset a record buffer (list)
  2. ElementListener: test if the buffer size is >= maxSize and if so flush, if not bufferize current record
  3. AfterGroup: if the buffer is not empty then flush


This works for output kind of components but for transform components (understand a component with an output like the use case you mentionned) you would need a patched version of the studio since we added it after last available release.


Which version of the studio do you rely on?



Talend Component Kit Documentation:

Re: Process all rows in custom component


We have prepared a patch that include the bulk processing feature to the latest Talend Open Studio 7.1.1M1 milestone release.


You will find a readme file with instructions to install the attached patch.
Download the latest milestone release: Talend Open Studio 7.1.1M1

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