Create a simple input component that extracts email-information

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Create a simple input component that extracts email-information

Hello there!

I want to create a job which

  1. reads several information (subject, from-address, receivedate and message-id) of all e-mails in a specific (configurable) directory of an exchange mailbox
  2. execute an insert - sql - statement
  3. move this e-mails in an other folder of this mailbox

I followed several tutorials developing an input component with the jdk without success ...

For step one, I want to have an input component like "tFileList" for example with several output parameters in the "outline" window in the Studio so that I can drag&drop the information of the email in the next component for example. I figured out that components like tFilelist are written in javajet and not as a java-component. Do I have to do it in javajet?


Re: Create a simple input component that extracts email-information



As far as I understand, you want to create a studio job. Which version of studio do you use ?


I guess you don't have to create a new component, but just using existing ones. So, you don't mind if they are in javajet  or in new tck framework, right ?


First, how will you retrieve needed information 'subject, from-address, receivedate and message-id', are they in files'name ? Or you have to read the content of all that files ? tFileList will only retrieve a list of file base on some filter. We have some components to extract data from files, but it depends the format .


Thanks for feedback,

Best regards,



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Re: Create a simple input component that extracts email-information

Hi Yves,

I am sure that I will have to write a new component.

To retrieve the data (subject, from-address, receivedate and message-id) I must connect to an exchange mailserver with javamail,

list all mails in a folder and extract this information. Then give it to the next component for further processing.


Re: Create a simple input component that extracts email-information



I will suggest you first to try to create a job with tPOP and tFileInputMail components:


tPOP will allow you to retrieve mails using imap protocol specifying the mail folder. You will be able to iterate on retrieved emails that will be stored locally in a folder (iterate output & CURRENT_FILE outline).


Then after you can use tFileInputMail to extract desired data. I let you have a look on following documentation:


If you want to create a new connector, you will have to do it within javajet if you use a studio before 7.1. From this version, you can use the new framework :


Which is you studio target version ?


Best regards,



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