Talend exchange performance

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Talend exchange performance

Is it me or the overall user experience on exchange.talend.com is terrible? Is it still maintained?

  • Ajax takes an eternity to get a response (same with help.talend.com)
  • Search is not fuzzy
  • Let's say you searched for "pdf", you got a list of matching components. Then you want to view the first result, you can't open it in new tab, okay, but you can't go back to previous page (search result) with previous state. E-v-e-r-y-s-i-n-g-l-e-t-i-m-e, you have make a new search, and repeat the process.

Currently, I can't even open it on my brave browser, no problem with Firefox though. The tab increasingly eats memory until the browser (and soon the computer) become unresponsive.

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Hello navds


I have escalated a ticket to the hosting vendor of exchange.talend.com to report the performance issue. I agree with you this is pretty painful. I will chase them up. 

I confirm that a result cannot be open in another tab, I'll request that they change this. But the back button did take me back to the result page.

Also, I didn't reproduce the same perf issue on help.talend.com, can you let me know more about it?



(will be away next week so don't expect quick response from me.)