Import old Forum posts into the new Community

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Import old Forum posts into the new Community

The power of the Talend Forum is being able to search for old posts and solutions! There are many times when a search finds a solution in a post that was more than a couple years ago. If the old Forums are going away, please import the content from the old Forum before taking the old Forum down.
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This is related to my post about fulltext search unusable, I think Talend did the import, but something went wrong(not all posts were imported) or new search engine doesn't work as expected, here you have very old post imported, please check first for example this:

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Thank you for your suggestion.

We've migrated the top posts from the last 2 years. It wouldn't make sense to migrated content that is 10 years old as it relates to early versions to Talend products. However, we are looking at more posts that we can migrate to the new community site. The old posts on Talend Forge won't go away as long as we see activity on it.

Thank you for your patience.



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Well, I in general agree, but its not just about Talend as there were lots of valuable Java code tricks, which are now in wain...

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yup.  Just today i went to search for an old post which showed a quick way to remove leading and trailing zeros in a tmap.  This cross version solution is now lost forever.   This is a series error in decision  making.

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