Meet Yulia Glasgow and Steve Tilton, Talend User Group Masterminds

Community Manager



Yulia and Steve are a Talend Community dream team. With Yulia’s passion for data and project management and Steve’s desire to reach out and help others, they have done tremendous work with the Maine User Group making them an obvious choice as Talend Community Champions.


Like many endeavors, the Maine User Group is a collaborative affair and has grown to about sixty members, many of whom are known personally. Most of the members are from the Southern Maine area. “We have people driving from Augusta, Maine which is sort of central and about an hour north of Portland as well as Southern New Hampshire about an hour south of Portland” Steve continues, “Portland, Maine is a really close-knit community. It’s not hard, once someone sees what we’re doing, to want to jump on board. We’ve definitely seen that with Talend. The sponsorship has been great from Talend and local companies such as Seaglass Technology Partners and Abilis Solutions.”


Caffeine-Fueled Creativity


Before Yulia and Steve became members of the Talend Community, they both recognized a mutual need to organize and share ideas. Their first event was planned over coffee. Yulia mentioned to Steve that she had a data team for which she was a project manager. Steve informed her that he was currently an ETL developer. “…it would be really cool to get together with your team and discuss ideas that we have and practices that we use at both companies.” Yulia’s response? “You know what? You give me an idea and I’ll organize it.”


“I enjoy the social aspect of the Maine Talend User Group, because they're a lot of people we wouldn’t get to meet without having this one thing in common.” Steve goes on to explain the enthusiastic reception the idea garnered. “It was really easy once we started talking to people about starting a Talend user group, that's going to focus on data engineering. Everyone wanted to be part of that, whoever we talked to.”


A Passion for Organization


Yulia’s desire to bring people together began at an early age, “A funny story to share is as far as I remember, I've always, always planned my own birthday parties because I absolutely loved doing it. I don't know, maybe I was ten or something, when it all started.” Not only does Yulia possess a head for organization but she also is intrinsically optimistic. “You cannot take positivity away from me. I took a strengths test and positivity was my number one strength.”


Yulia has been at Vets First Choice, for over two years. “It’s been fun since the day I started. I have a fantastic data team here at Vets First Choice and I’ve learned a lot about data and Talend jobs without doing any coding myself. It brings me great enjoyment to pull the Talend user group meetings together and see events unwrap.”


Sharing Excellence


In the context of their mutual endeavor, Steve’s super power really shines. “I like the social aspects in the engagement of meeting with people, learning something new, understanding how they're using something, so that I can really learn from that, and maybe do the same, or pass along knowledge.”


Steve has a history with traditional ETL starting with Bank of America, and ultimately landed at a startup in Portland Maine. “I’m just amazed by the flexibility and scalability of Talend, where we’ve been able to do so many things with just a couple people, because of its dynamic nature, and why I think of it as the modern ETL platform that is here to stay.”


Relative Relaxation


It is not surprising to discover that Yulia, when she is not managing things in the office, is “managing” her husband and children after work. With hobbies that stretch from wedding photography and event planning to shooting family photos, Yulia is structurally creatively-minded. “I still have good equipment from the wedding photography days, but now I have two kids that keep me busy, so I take pictures of my kids. People photography is what I really enjoy: capturing that specific moment, that emotion, that’s what makes me tick.”


Steve’s downtime is spent in Maine with his two children, both of which are under the age of eight. “Maine’s great from June to September. October’s nice too.” It is worth mentioning that he is rather sporting. “I do like to golf, so I’m a golfer. When I have time, I go out and play.”