Meet Manohar Bandreddy, An Advocate for Assistance and the Pursue of Excellence

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Manohar Bandreddy is a rising star in the Talend community. He is a Talend user that not only is invested in continuing his own education, by becoming a Talend Certified Data Integration developer. He also actively assists others. In just over a year, Manohar has made over 1,000 posts in the Talend community boards and therefore, is one of the top contributors in the Talend community. While both a mentor on the forums and at work, Manohar continues to challenge himself to learn more about Talend and to share that hard-won knowledge.


A Mentor at Work


Currently located in Bengaluru, Karnataka, India, Manohar works for Atos Global as a data integration specialist. He has been working on a Talend Data Integration project for two years and for Manohar, “Talend is a flexible tool to design with. It provides over nine hundred components.” In a current project, the integration between enterprise resource planning systems and other software systems the choice was clear, “for this project we are using Talend Big Data.” For these projects, Manohar also brings the Talend community to his co-workers. “I recommend the community site to those who have technical issues.” Not only has he guided his coworkers into using Talend and the community, he supports them as they learn how to build jobs through using Talend Open Studio.


Though Manohar initially used the Talend community site for assistance, he now finds himself in the role of helping others find answers, “I offer solutions, mostly. I want to help people who are struggling with issues and at the same time, I want to know what the new issues are.” Staying abreast of the struggles of others, while also helping them find solutions, keeps Manohar active and aware of trends in the Talend community. In trends he has noticed so far, he has observed a few patterns emerging within the nature of questions asked on the forums, “I have seen a few people not quite comprehend the basic compatibility of Java with Talend; they do not know how to download and install the external JARs.”


In the Pursuit of Excellence


It was not enough for Manohar to become a leading user of Talend that actively provides mentorship to others, but he wanted to put his knowledge of Talend to the test. As previously mentioned, he is a Certified Data Integration developer. When asked why he chose to become certified Manohar said, “Since I was using Talend, I wanted to get the certification to become proficient.” The process of preparing for the certification exam took him about thirty days. For the Talend Certified Data Integration developer exam, Talend recommends that the user complete the Data Integration Basics course as well as the Data Integration Advanced training courses. It also requires that the test-taker be familiar with the tools in Talend Data Integration as well as Talend Studio. The “proficiency” that Manohar desired is an aggressive goal to have pursed and by all accounts, entirely self-driven. Upon becoming familiar with Manohar, it is not surprising that he continues to push himself towards excellence in adopting new technologies.


On a just as technical but more social side, Manohar also enjoys the opportunities offered by the Bangalore Talend User Group. He attended his first meetup, which was also the user group launch, in February 2018 and the topics addressed at the gathering were on the Talend Cloud and on the Talend Data Preparation tool, along with best-practices and project roadmaps. Also, on the agenda were foundations and secrets of successful Talend development projects. Upon reflection Manohar had this to add, “I liked interacting with other Talend users, how they were leveraging Talend and what kind of projects they were working on.” Though useful, it was also a social occasion. “It was a nice experience to meet other users.” One can only imagine talking Talend with Manohar is a fun, yet educational experience; he hopes to participate in another meetup soon.


Always Asking Questions


Currently, Manohar is focused on continuing his education by challenging himself outside of work by learning new programming languages, such as Python, and their potential implementations. He is also investigating integrating Microsoft or Google into his projects with Talend. In his time away from the desk, Manohar is with his young son. “I like to play with toys and make him laugh.”


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