Meet Frédéric Trébuchet, Talend Community Champion

Community Manager



Frédéric also is fond of the new reward system in the Forum, noting that it helps to elevate the exchange. “I’d just like to remind people that the answers on the Forum are often provided by people who take time out to help and give great advice--a small thank you such as a Kudo costs nothing and it is always much appreciated!”


“I try to share the tips and tricks that I discovered by myself, by searching in the old archives or interviewing other experts, and there are excellent participants in the Forum, such as Richard Hall and many others, whom I want to recognize here for the unsurpassed quality of their contributions."


"Participating in this forum is an entertaining and rewarding experience that allowed me once again to meet people and learn from them. It has been a great way to discover unexpected capabilities of the tool as well as new approaches to certain subjects.”


“I am a Parisian at heart and as such, I never miss an opportunity to wander the city without a specific goal, just for the pleasure of discovering or rediscovering its old stones, its neighborhoods and its atmospheres that make Paris a unique place. And like all Parisians, I also love to leave the city to discover new horizons close to here or at the other end of the world—and each time I return to feel the same joy to find our city always so beautiful. I share this passion for Paris with my wife and our two daughters who are also pure Parisian products.”


In addition, Frédéric loves to experiment with new delicacies in the kitchen, either at home or out. “We travel culinarily, trying out exotic recipes from India, Kurdistan and other places… but a good Blanquette on your plate in the heart of Paris, what better to dream of?”