Meet Frédéric Trébuchet, Talend Community Champion

Community Manager



Frédéric loves to share his knowledge and enjoyment of all forms of integration—from data, applications, and ideas to exotic recipes in local Paris restaurants.


Our latest Talend Community Champion is someone many of you already know by name, and someone all of you will want to get to know better. A resident of Paris, Frédéric Trébuchet is an enormously thoughtful and helpful individual who is committed to enabling others to benefit from his experience and share his passions— especially when it comes to data integration and, of course, food.


An Ardor for Untangling the Complex


The first thing you need to know about Frédéric is that he’s never been afraid of complexity. In his first job he was an integrator and editor of a database management system, and quickly acquired skills in a broad range of highly technical topics such storage management, data modeling, query optimization, and more.


Over the past 30 years Frédéric has witnessed first-hand the explosion of all things related to data and data integration tools. Early in his career, the capacities of “mass storage systems” were measured in megabytes and a “redundant storage array” held a few CDs.


Through the years, as data volumes soared to terabytes and petabytes and beyond, he had the opportunity to build not only his knowledge but also his desire to harness the data explosion to support the companies for which he worked. He was instrumental in a wide range of transformation projects that often involved extremely thorny data migration issues, and in parallel he learned the intricacies of integrating data in complex interconnected applications.


Teaching: Another Form of Data Integration


As Frédéric’s knowledge grew, so did his impulse to teach. “I have a lot of fun sharing and helping others learn,” he confided. “This goes back to an early experience where I had the chance to join the team in charge of training, which allowed me to learn a lot and also gave me the opportunity to meet very different people and use my knowledge to help solve problems in many different situations.” Then, as an integrator, Frédéric had the opportunity to impart his knowledge to junior members of teams so that they could contribute more value, sooner. 


Essentially, Frédéric sees teaching as another exercise in data integration. Effective teaching requires careful synthesis of each student’s background, training, abilities, tools, motivations, attitudes, and more. According to Frédéric, “We have a saying in France that ‘in the old pots we make the best soup.’ It’s not just about sharing my decades of experience; also about collaboration. And I consider that feedback and sharing with peers are really key to progress and moving forward collectively.”


A Fondness for the Forum


Frédéric’s love for teaching has translated to his active involvement in the Talend Community Forum. “I try to share the tips and tricks that I discovered by myself, by searching in the old archives or interviewing other experts, and there are excellent participants in the Forum, such as Richard Hall and many others, whom I want to recognize here for the unsurpassed quality of their contributions.


Participating in this forum is an entertaining and rewarding experience that allowed me once again to meet people and learn from them. It has been a great way to discover unexpected capabilities of the tool as well as new approaches to certain subjects.”


Frédéric also is fond of the new reward system in the Forum, noting that it helps to elevate the exchange. “I’d just like to remind people that the answers on the Forum are often provided by people who take time out to help and give great advice--a small thank you such as a Kudo costs nothing and it is always much appreciated!


Advocating the Virtuous Circle of Open Source


Frédéric is also an avid proponent of the open source community in general. He believes that “open source projects are an essential facet of the software industry. Without this ecosystem, the rapid development we’ve all benefited from over the past 20 years would not have been possible. An open source solution has the advantage of transparency.”


He continued, “Not everyone has the ability to analyze or troubleshoot a database engine, a web server, or a data integration tool to ensure that it contains no flaws that could be damaging, but the community extends its collective knowledge to make sure that problems are remedied quickly and that new innovations are understood and used sooner. The research and the knowledge of the community in a large sense is indispensable, creating a virtuous circle of applied knowledge and new innovation.”


Will that virtuous circle remain unbroken in the years ahead? “For some time now, we have been witnessing the transformation of data integration solutions into the cloud,” notes Frédéric. “This is a new challenge that requires significant investment efforts to come up with consistent tools and technologies that hold up. The commitment of commercial companies as well as open source organizations seems essential for this to succeed. Will this challenge the open source model as we know it today? The future will tell.”


Head in Cloud


Frédéric has worked with his current employer, the EI-Technologies group, for the past seven years. EI-Technologies, a company of 360 employees, is the oldest and largest Salesforce integrator in France, with consultants working on its multiple clouds. The company is a Salesforce Platinum partner, addressing all types of customers, from SMEs to large enterprises. The company also hosts the first training center approved by Salesforce in France, which gives it a privileged place in the market as well as real responsibility vis-à-vis the customers it trains. In the French market, Salesforce products have developed rapidly in recent years and the projects are both more numerous and increasingly complex with a growing need for integration. The company regularly uses Talend's ETL, which offers the necessary connectors natively to interact with Salesforce in a simple and efficient way.


Not All Who Wander are Lost


What does Frédéric do for fun? “I am a Parisian at heart and as such, I never miss an opportunity to wander the city without a specific goal, just for the pleasure of discovering or rediscovering its old stones, its neighborhoods and its atmospheres that make Paris a unique place. And like all Parisians, I also love to leave the city to discover new horizons close to here or at the other end of the world—and each time I return to feel the same joy to find our city always so beautiful. I share this passion for Paris with my wife and our two daughters who are also pure Parisian products.


In addition, Frédéric loves to experiment with new delicacies in the kitchen, either at home or out. “We travel culinarily, trying out exotic recipes from India, Kurdistan and other places… but a good Blanquette on your plate in the heart of Paris, what better to dream of?