A Grand Adventure: Nikhil Thampi, Customer Success Architect

Community Manager






Nikhil Thampi is not one to shy away from adventure. As a Talend Customer Success Architect out of the Bangalore, India office, his job landscape is forever shifting, “There are great new features, new releases.” According to Nikhil, the “Customer Success Architect is one of the most exciting roles in Talend.” With a hunger for knowledge and a passion for teaching, Nikhil is an asset to the Talend team.


There and Back Again


Nikhil is from Kerala, which is in the south-western part of India. With over twelve years of experience in IT, he started his career in the financial services domain as a developer. Since then, he has worked in various roles including Oracle development, data modeling, ETL lite, data warehouse assembly and as of most recently, as a Customer Success Architect for Talend.


Nikhil’s desire for knowledge is clearly illustrated by his several Talend Certifications. “I completed v7 Certifications in Talend, that is Data Integration v7 Developer and Administration.” In the pursuit v7 Certification, he discovered that there are many ways that Talend sets users up for success. “The process of Talend certification is always very easy. It’s a remote prompter method. You don’t have to literally take a day off. Another good thing, I would say, is that now we have the Talend Cloud environment so everybody can easily register for a thirty-day trial.”


With Great Power…






The role of a Customer Success Architect is a demanding one as it is up to Nikhil to assist in, “helping customers to resource some complex real-time scenarios,” and “to engage in the demonstration of new features of Talend to customers.” This can be tricky as, “…we are working for different customers in different geographies and many of them have very complex IT systems and business requirements around the world. So, our role as a Customer Success Architect is to help them untangle the complexities of business using Talend products. That’s quite an interesting challenge because we are also learning.”


Nikhil’s learning continues to be agile enough to meet the needs of his customers and the Talend Community at large. “I have learned a lot of things especially about the REST APIs. I was predominantly working in the data integration stages, big data and mostly in file-based processing and also MDM solutions.” Customer Success Architects help customers resolve their issues with the latest technology and for the architects themselves, this very rewarding. “One major thing I’m quite excited and happy about in the role is that I love teaching and studying the knowledge. It gives me a lot of joy.”


The position of Customer Success Architect is fueled by customer interactions. “At present, once in a month, we will go to some of the customers’ meetings and we’ll have an FX presentation.” Even that aspect, is changing. “Now there is a new program, where we will go and meet the customers more often, so it is going to be more interactions.” This means a lot of travel for Nikhil as his client base reaches across continents. “We have all of India, Southeast Asia, including Singapore, Malaysia, then the Philippines, Australia, New Zealand, and all of those areas.”


Not All Talend Community Superheroes Wear Capes






In his role as a Customer Success Architect, Nikhil not only creates articles, blogs, and webinars, but he also dedicates a part of his work day to the Talend Community, “Normally I spend around one-to-two hours after office hours.” Previous to his involvement in the Talend Community, Nikhil said that, “I was talking with my manager, Irshad, and he gave me this idea. Why don’t you start working, check some of the things in the Talend community because that will help you to learn some real-life scenarios and help you to learn so many things?”


After taking Irshad’s advice, Nikhil’s involvement in the Talend Community not only spurred him to learn more, but it also gave him another avenue to share his knowledge. In his time in the Talend Community, he has written 850 posts, crafted 137 solutions, and earned a 180 kudos from fellow users. When asked how all those kudos made him feel, “It is a happy moment, you know. I mean, we will be quite busy with a lot of other things so suddenly, when a kudo comes through the mail, oh, that’s a good thing.”


Not All Who Wander…


Given the breadth of knowledge that Nikhil must exhibit at Talend, it is no surprise that he and his wife choose to expand their horizons in their free time. “So, I’m quite passionate about traveling.” Nikhil and his wife have covered thirty countries around three continents: Asia, Europe, and Africa. “Our dream is to cover all seven continents and see all the countries of the world.” In his travels, there are always some set sights to see, “I love history and museums a lot.”


Nikhil does not just limit his adventures to reality, “I am a huge fan of the Lord of the Rings series and Marvel.” He candidly admits that he is, “waiting for Tony Stark to come back from Titan.”