[resolved] NullPointerException problem

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[resolved] NullPointerException problem

I have a scenario where several delimited files are downloaded, enumerated, then loaded into an MS SQL database.

tJava is being used to figure out which file is the current and then branch into breaking out the delimited file and insert/update into a specific table from there.

Everything works as expected until it hits tMSSqlOutput where it produces:
Exception in component tMSSqlOutput_2

Here's my flow:

In tMap, I have tried adding code to handle incoming nulls.

Thanks in advance.
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Re: [resolved] NullPointerException problem

after the java.lang.NullPointerException you have information of line number where is the error. This will help to find it in the code.
When the error occurs, you have 0 row transfered, so try to check if there is not a problem with database configuration in the MSSqlOutput module ?
Otherwise, remember that Description is the key and cannot be null.
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Re: [resolved] NullPointerException problem

Thanks - it's always something simple that gets overlooked.

In this case, as indicated by Neth, I was referring to a saved MSSQL database connection, which seemed to right in that it threw no exceptions when I ran the job. When I transferred the database connection information to the MSSSqlOutput component itself, I received a different stack trace, which gave more relevant information and enabled me to quickly diagnose and resolve this problem.

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