[resolved] Integer Conversion Problem

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[resolved] Integer Conversion Problem

I am a noob to Talend but thanks to the forums I am learning quickly.  I am in T-Map and having a conversion problem:

TalendDate.diffDate(TalendDate.parseDate("yyyy-MM-dd",row1.Patient_Birth_Dt), TalendDate.parseDate("yyyy-MM-dd",row1.Date_of_Service))

My dates are in this format in the original file 20140404 (yyyy-MM-dd) as a string VARCHAR(8)
I have tried Integer.ParseInt but it's not working.  

I am trying to calculate Age.  It is an INT on the MySQL table.

As a side note, how would I do an UPDATE query for the row in the mapping?  I tried using the Tmysql-Row function but it didn't seem to work.  I would rather it work in T-Map if possible.
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Re: [resolved] Integer Conversion Problem

First of all the 20140404 date is not in yyyy-MM-dd format... it should be yyyyMMdd.

Second... the diffDate works like date1-date2 which means the first date should be the later one, otherwise you'll get a negative value... in your case should be current date minus date of birth:
TalendDate.diffDate(TalendDate.parseDate("yyyyMMdd",row1.Date_of_Service), TalendDate.parseDate("yyyyMMdd",row1.Patient_Birth_Dt))

Third... using the diffDate you should specify what you want to get... difference in days, months, years etc. I'm not sure what is the default if you don't specify it but I would think days. For your case the expression would be:
TalendDate.diffDate(TalendDate.parseDate("yyyyMMdd",row1.Date_of_Service), TalendDate.parseDate("yyyyMMdd",row1.Patient_Birth_Dt), "yyyy")

Fourth point... the data type returned by the diffDate function is long and your output field is integer so you need to convert it like this:
(int)TalendDate.diffDate(TalendDate.parseDate("yyyyMMdd",row1.Date_of_Service), TalendDate.parseDate("yyyyMMdd",row1.Patient_Birth_Dt), "yyyy")

I think this should work for you...
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Re: [resolved] Integer Conversion Problem

Wow that worked like a charm.  Thank you so much for the help and responding.  I thought it was just an integer problem or at least they way I was converting it.  You had many good points in there so I appreciate the teaching.
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Re: [resolved] Integer Conversion Problem

My pleasure Smiley Happy
Regarding the UPDATE query you can just use normal tMysqlOutput but remember to specify a key that will be used for the UPDATE and set the 'Action on data' in the component properties to 'update'.


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