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problem with tFileUnarchive

I want to unarchive all the files of a directory. To do so, I use tFileList (tFileList_1) linked to tFileUnarchive. The Archive File property of my tFileUnarchive is set to $_globals{tFileList_1}{CURRENT_FILEPATH}.
When I run this job, I get this error:
Key 'archive' () is of invalid type for 'Archive::Extract::new' provided by main::tFileUnarchive_1_subprocess at C:\Talend\TOS-Win32-r5184-V2.1.2\workspace\.Perl\ line 179
Can't call method "extract" on an undefined value at C:\Talend\TOS-Win32-r5184-V2.1.2\workspace\.Perl\ line 183.
A thread exited while 2 threads were running.

As a workaround, I put a perl component between both components (see picture) to declare a variable containing the value of $_globals{tFileList_1}{CURRENT_FILEPATH}. In turn, I use this variable in the tFileUnarchive and it works!
By the way, is there a component to zip files?
Thanks in advance for your explanation
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