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guess query ?

I just import a M2 perl project in a fresh 2.0.0 install, and find errors when opening jobs, on tDBInput (on ODBC Access tables) components : It says "Parameter (Query) : schema is different from the query". In properties, the repository schema has disappear (I had messages at startup which says that the schemas had changed), but my query "select * from mytable" is here.
And I see this new button "Guess Query". Click on it : fine ! The query is created automatically ! I just must reset the repository schema with the metadata of the table to suppress the error ("!" yellow) on the component.
Well. I launch job... And the error is "DBD:Smiley SurprisedDBC : not enough parameters". When I return on query, suppress columns names and replace them with a "*", the yellow "!" come back, but the job works !
The "guess query" button was a fine idea : but maybe buggy ? ;o)
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Re: guess query ?

Can you create a bug entry please?