decimal separator

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decimal separator

I am reading a FileDelimited file and there are values as 2345,56 with french separator "," instead "."
does it exist a facility or options to compute these values ?
thanks for your tips
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Re: decimal separator

Perl component tReplace was introduced in TOS 2.2.0M2 (see 1348)
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Re: decimal separator

thanks for the answer but if possible, I want to preserve my old and very stable 2.1 :-)
Since my issue is very basic, I have tried a small piece of code like:
($row1 =~ s/,/./) * 100.00
but it does not work :-(
is it possible to have an expression to fix the issue ?
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Re: decimal separator

found :-)
(($row1 =~s/,/./)?100:100) * $row1
thanks a lot

Re: decimal separator

You can use the tReplace component with TOS 2.1 since it is available in the ecosystem as an extension :
You only have to download and unzip the file in your User components folder (defined in Window/Preferences/Talend/Components ) and reload TOS.

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