context / Default context


context / Default context

Maybe the answer to my questions are maybe somewhere else but I did find it sorry.

I just begin with Talend and I have got a problem to access parameters in my context file.
I have made an export to run my talend project on a server and launch it with a script ksh.
I have got a tFileInput delimited to get my context.cfg a tContextLoad to load it and then differents jobs.
Every thing is fine till after the tContextLoad, in a job which is checking the existance of different files specified in my context.cfg supposedly loaded. It cannot find it, and I have this :

"Could not find the context Default"
"File XXX does not exist" (This is the result of a tFileExist component)
and it got out the job.

My java command in the script is :

/opt/java1.5/jre/bin/java -Xms${JVM_INIT_SIZE} -Xmx${JVM_MAX_SIZE} -cp ${JAR_LIST} ${JAVA_PROC} --context=Default --context_param cfg_rootDir="${PROJECT_ROOTDIR}" --context_param cfg_contextDir="config/" --context_param cfg_contextFile="context.cfg"

So it is not working, I have read many posts about different parts of the context "Default","Developpement", is it necessary to configure the .properties or .items ? To put then in specific directory ?
Forgive my english.


TOS version 4.2.1 r53616
Win XP
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Re: context / Default context


as error message 's said, your application doesn't find file context.cfg

So what is value and the file (context.cfg) is located in that 'place' .

Try and fix value directly into your component before export/run task to see if it's when application is reading --context_param that is crash (knowing some problem with modify param directly into command line)

See that value for your file is context.cfg .. are you concat that value with other one to create 'path' and are you sure about result if yes ?

On the other hand Which version have you got ?

hope it helps


Re: context / Default context

Hello kzone,
apparently the java command successfully changes the rootDir field with the root directory on the server but after it is lost and it cannot load the context.cfg => "Could not find the context Default"
In Talend I have been running it and the context.cfg file overrides the context when it is running in Talend, no problem, it is successfull.

So I supposed it is a path problem to the context.cfg but I know how to fix it. If you have other suggestions.


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