Talend server architecture

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Talend server architecture

Searching for the best solution to migrate and transform datas from an Oracle database to a sybase database. (Not a one shoot integration, but a regular one). I am strongly looking at talend solution.
My question should be trivial, but even if the Talend open studio looks like fully covering our needs, I really don't understand how the construction of an integration is load (migrated ? saved ? build ?) on servers that will finally running the intégration. How the generation worked ? Are there libraries, binaries or others things to install on unix/linux servers ?
Could you please expose it in severals words how did it works ?
Thanks in advance

Re: Talend server architecture

Talend Open Studio has a "Job design" module. This graphical module let you design the job that will migrate your data from Oracle to Sybase. Once designed, the job is translated to a Perl script. This Perl script can be run from Talend Open Studio but can also be sent to another computer, not running Talend Open Studio but where Perl is installed, of course.
Depending on the components you've selected for your job, the Perl script might require some external Perl modules. For example, if you want to read/write in databases, you'll need the "DBI" perl module.
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Re: Talend server architecture

With a really simple test, is generated several perl file :
21/11/2006 16:07 205 .includepath
21/11/2006 13:53 260 .project
21/11/2006 16:07 9ÿ300 TEST.process_MyFirstJob.pl
21/11/2006 16:07 8 TEST.process_MyFirstJob_Default.pl
21/11/2006 13:53 0 TEST.process__PP0qQHlfEduNaacAYM-SzA.pl
21/11/2006 16:16 0 test.txt
21/11/2006 16:07 4ÿ900 TEST__Routines.pm
Now, I would like to run this program on another PC or rather unly using perl without talend this time.
C:\TOS-Win32-20061004-1934-V1\workspace\.Perl>perl TEST.process_MyFirstJob.pl
Can't locate talend/dbOp.pm in @INC (@INC contains: c:/Perl/site/lib c:/Perl/lib .) at TEST.process_MyFirstJob.pl line 134.
BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at TEST.process_MyFirstJob.pl line 134.
WHy doesn't this correctly run ?
This is really my goal to do that, no intégration will work with talend, only the generated code


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