Talend "Transformation Language"

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Talend "Transformation Language"

My ETL experience is with Informatica PowerCenter which has a strong "transformation language" and I attribute a large portion of PowerCenter's success on this language. It is clear that Talend Open Studio can accomplish the same thing using Java, Perl, or Groovy but I think what is needed is to develop Talend documentation that addresses how to accomplish all the things that Informatica PowerCenter transformation language does. Example subtask groupings for functions would be: string formatting and substring detection, date formatting and date arithmetic, type conversion, case logic, test functions for date and number, date and time comparisons. I'd love to help the effort but would like to know if anyone out there has already started the task. Anyone?
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Hi Larrs,
you do not need to post the same text twice...
Please read my comment here 23212

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